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I gave my country my very best
I fought and prayed and passed the test
I proudly went where duty called
For a brief time I was stalled
By a torpedo blast that shattered the night
I knew right then that things were not right.

Then the sun arose on a bloody sea
And I knew things were not right for me
By that day's setting sun
I knew my life's race was run.

With a smile on my face and peace in my heart
I knew this world I would soon depart
And my spirit would rise like an eagle on high
And I would be in my mansion In the sky.

I was really NOT LOST AT SEA
So shed no tears over me
My work was done here on earth
So the Lord took me home to my Heavenly berth.

Dedicated to the memory of all the sailors of
who were Lost At Sea
in July of 1945

Cleatus Lebow
Written: July 28, 1996