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Letter from Ed (George Edward) Jones, S2/c, from Blaine Tennessee, U.S.S. Indianapolis, Div.5, Gunner, to his sister Christine Purkey written on Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. stationary in Vallejo California.

         May 9, 1945

Dear Sis,

 Only a few lines to say hello and to tell you I am O.K.  Gee! I havenít heard from you in about two months.  Donít know why I havenít heard from you.  Ha!  Guess you are surprised to hear from me.  I havenít written to you in some time but I havenít forgot you.  How could I?
I have sure had some swell times while I was staying with you and Carver (Purkey).  I hope this finds you O.K. and in the best of health.
I guess Fred has grown up by now and as mean as ever.  Tell him his uncle Ed said hello and he was coming home to see him soon.  Tell him he better be a good boy or I wonít come to see him.  Tell Carver hello and to stay out of the war as long as he can for it is hell over there where we have been.
I wouldnít want anyone to go through with what I have.  I donít want to go through it again but if they say go over again, I guess I will go.  I donít know if I will go over again or not.  My nerves are all shot from the last trip over but donít say anything about it to mother.
I have heard so many big guns roaring and planes overhead dropping bombs and strafing the ship trying to kill off the crew or sink the ship and other ships sinking all around us and wondering if we were going to be the next.  It just makes me want to get out where I canít hear anything or see anyone but I am feeling fine now.
I am the Captainís driver while we are in the states.  I drive a Ď42 Pontiac station wagon, and do I keep it shining?  I am going to drive it until about the middle of June and then come home on a fifteen day leave.  Gee!, Will I be glad to see home again.
I wrote mother and told her I was coming home.  I can imagine how she looked when she read the letter.  Gee!  I bet she was sure tickled.  She said she had been sick.  Maybe she will be O.K. now that I am coming home soon.  I think that was what was wrong with her, worrying about me so much.  I know all of you have worried about me but I have pulled through safe and sound.
I will have to close, as I hate to.

         Love to all,

P.S. answer soon