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Letter from Ed (George Edward) Jones, S2/c, from Blaine Tennessee, U.S.S. Indianapolis, Div.5, Gunner, to his sister Mildred (Jones) Finley.

         U.S.S. Indianapolis
         March 22, 1945

Dear Sis,

I will try to answer your letter if I have the time.  Gee! I sure was glad to hear from you.  It had been some time since I had heard from you.  Glad to hear all was O.K.
No, I haven’t heard from Ernest (Finley) in quite a while.  Sure would like to hear from him but I am sure he is O.K. as ever.
Oh yes, you said you were unlucky.  Well, I don’t think so.  You will really be proud of Ernest (Finley) when he returns, he can say he went and “done his part for victory”.  As far as myself, it was my place to go more than it was his.  Well maybe it won’t be long until we can return home again and we will all live happy together again.  I will never forget when I used to stay with you and Ernie.  I sure did enjoy myself and felt at home too.
Yes, it was news to me too, to hear Doris was married.  Yes, I know Guy.  Well, looks like everyone is getting married while I am away.  But as you know, I will make up for lost time when I do get home.  Ha! the civilians had better stand by or a bunch of rugged sailors will take over.  Oh yes, tell Delma to answer my letter and send me a picture.  I am not going to write until she answers my last letter.
Oh yes, I am now allowed to tell you.  I was in on the raids on Tokyo Feb. 16-17 and also Imo Jima.  Guess you have been reading the papers too.  You know what I am doing.
Tell everyone hello for me and all the pretty girls too.  You know I am a fool over all the pretty girls.  Ha!  If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a sailor.

Oh Yes, I now wear five stars on my campaign bars.

Well Sis, I better close and get some sleep now.
         Love to all as ever,


P.S.  Tell Kathleen (Shirley) she can have my paper stopped.  It goes for two months and no papers and then all at once.  But I did appreciate her sending them if I could only get them.