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Letter from Ed (George Edward) Jones, S2/c, from Blaine Tennessee, U.S.S. Indianapolis, Div.5, Gunner, to his sister Mildred (Jones) Finley.

         U.S.S. Indianapolis
         December 25, 1944

Dear Sis,

I will take pleasure to write you.  I am sorry I haven’t written you sooner but just haven’t had time.  Ha!  I have written ten letters last night and this morning.  I sure have a bunch of them to mail.  I think everyone at home will get a letter at the same time but I guess you all won’t mind that.  This is Christmas day and my mind is on home, so I thought I would get caught up on my writing while I could.
Just about all the boys are homesick and sitting around writing letters, and as for myself, you know I am.
Guess everyone is “down home” today having a big Christmas dinner.  We are having a good chow today too and Am I going to eat?  But, I think I could enjoy it more if I were home for chow.
When have you heard from Ernest (Finley)?  Wonder where he is and how he is taking Christmas?  I am sure you and Glen (Finley) are thinking of him too.  I haven’t heard from him in some time.  If you write to him, tell him not to forget a pal.  I may see him soon.
Guess mother and everyone is having a merry Christmas.  Don’t worry about Ernest and I.  We will be O.K.  When this ends, it will end all at once and we will be back home before you know it.  O.K.?
Yes, Santa came to see last night, brought me a greeting from mother and dad and I also received four letters from different ones.
I will ring off for now.  Merry Christmas to all.