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Letter from Ed (George Edward) Jones, S2/c, from Blaine Tennessee, U.S.S. Indianapolis, Div.5, Gunner, to his sister Christine Purkey.

June 24, 1944

Hi Sis,

 I will answer your letter I received today.  Sure was glad to hear from you and that everybody was O.K.  As for myself, I am in the sick bay now but I guess I will be out in a few days.  This is the first mail I have got in some time and the first chance I have to write.
 We have been hitting it pretty tough here, but a fellow can take anything to get back home again and we are doing our best to get back home some day, to stay.  Well, from the looks of everything, it wonít be too long.  There are a lots of things I could tell you but not in this letter.  It is a military secret.  Everything I write is censored before it leaves the ship.
 There are several boys on here from Tennessee.
Tell Carver (Purkey) hello and I would like to have him on here too, Ha! Ha!  I donít guess he would want to be here but I am liking it fine and lots better than I thought I would.

         Love to all,