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May these men never be forgotten, neither the Survivors nor those Lost at Sea.

Radioman 2nd Arthur Cecil Trotter, C Div. (LAS)
Cousin of Webmaster's Father

"C" (Communications) Division onboard USS Indianapolis October 1944


Radiomen, taken at same time as picture above

Seaman 2nd Clifford O. Josey, 5th Div. 40 mm Guns. (LAS)
Photo courtesy of Roy & Dorothy Owen

Seaman 1st Loel Dene (L.D.) Cox, Navigation Div. Survivor
Photos courtesy of Roy & Dorothy Owen and Mr. Cox

Gunners Mate 3rd Buck W. Gibson, 7th Div. 20 mm Guns. Survivor.
At right with Gen. Paul Tibbets, Pilot of Enola Gay
Delivered Atomic Bomb to Hiroshima Japan.
Photos courtesy of Roy & Dorothy Owen and Mr. Gibson

Lt. Richard B. Redmayne, Chief Engineer. Survivor. Pictured with Mr. Scott Sanford.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Sanford and Mr. Redmayne

Lt.(jg) Wilber C. "Chuck" Gwinn. Pilot of PV-1 Ventura that first spotted USS Indianapolis survivors.
Photo courtesy of Scott Sanford

Captain Charles Butler McVay III, Commanding Officer USS Indianapolis. Shown above at his Court Martial.
Photo courtesy of Scott Sanford

Indianapolis crew men in California 3 May, 1945. At right is Seaman 2nd Ed Jones (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Sue Purkey

Seaman 2nd Thomas Jordan (LAS) is pictured center, can anyone identify the other two seamen?
Photo courtesy of Tommy Jordan(email:

Seaman 2nd Richard Neubauer (LAS).
Photo courtesy of SMSgt Mark W. Beck USAF (Ret)

Newspaper article announcing Seaman 2nd Leonard F. Gore missing at sea.
Photo courtesy of Elva Jean Gore Welch

Cox. Claude Luttrull (LAS) at home on leave with family. From the left: nephew Louis Louker, father James R. Luttrull, Claude, and brother Clyde G. Luttrull.
Photo courtesy of Mark and Gina York

Seaman 2nd Chris A. Jensen (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Calvin & Kathy Kleine via Keith C. Smith

Twins SC3 William Koegler (left) and S1 Albert Koegler. Both were Lost At Sea.
Photo courtesy of  Ben T. Hassler via Keith C. Smith

The Oil Gang. (LtoR) CWTA Clyde A. Pierce (LAS), CWTA Robert T. Makowski (LAS), WT1 Benjamin T. Roberts (LAS), WT2 Harold J. Flaten (Survivor), WT3 Clinton C. Cavitt (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Paul Makowski via Keith C. Smith

Cdr R. Adrian Marks USN (Ret) with wife Mrs. Elta Marks at USS Indianapolis Memorial, fall 1995. Lt. Marks landed his PBY seaplane in the open sea against orders, rescuing 56 men.
Photo courtesy of Keith C. Smith

Cox. Paul Edward Knoll (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Beth Granger via Keith C. Smith

Seaman 1st Charles Beddington (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Mike Dailey

Seaman 1st Magellan Williams (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Jackie Dugan

Radioman 2nd Robert A. Rutherford (LAS). At home on leave May/June 1945, shown with mother Esther Rutherford.
Photo courtesy of Bev Griesbaum

Radioman 2nd Robert A. Rutherford (LAS) with brothers Duane (behind Rex the dog), Charles (kneeling) and John standing beside Robert. Another brother, Rupert, was serving in the US Army at the time.
Photo courtesy of Bev Griesbaum


Radioman 2nd Robert A. Rutherford (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Bev Griesbaum

Fireman 2nd Thomas McNabb, Jr. (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Ralph Mcnabb

Yeoman 1st Theodore G. Ott (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Theodore A. Ott

Clerk 2nd Clarence Simms, Capt. McVay's Valet (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Dillard Simms

Mr. Simms as a civilian before entering US Naval service.
Photo courtesy of Dillard Simms

FC2 Lyle Olan Realing (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Phil Realing via Keith C. Smith

Seaman 2nd Lois Carnell (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Larry Carnell via Keith C. Smith

WT3 James E. O'Donnell (Survivor) and Mr. Keith C. Smith in Indianapolis at the Memorial Site. Mr. Smith is a Volunteer Archivist for the USS Indianapolis Survivors.
Photo courtesy of Keith C. Smith

Lt. Robert Baldwin Hale (LAS).
Photo courtesy of John E. Hale

ST2 Fred Parham (LAS).
Photo courtesy of Adrian Boydd via Keith C. Smith